Friday, April 29, 2011


I have always been one to say that I do not want children ANY time soon. It's been a long running joke among my friends that I will wait as long as possible before I start having kids, so you definitely won't see me in a family way until I'm about 35.  Lately, this feeling has changed.
I still don't want to have children very soon, but I have this new found love for babies. Last semester I worked in a classroom of infants and went from knowing absolutely nothing about them and having zero experience, to becoming a baby master (that is not true, but I did learn a lot and became very comfortable and capable). I'm babysitting a 5 month old tonight and I love her, and I hardly know her. She spent most of the evening crying and throwing up on me, but I still love her and she isn't even my baby.  A couple weeks ago I babysat the Hamilton's kids with Molly, and I seriously considered stealing Caedmon away from them and keeping him for myself.
Babies love you, and hold your hand, and smile and laugh and cry. Many people are afraid of them, because they can't talk or tell you what is wrong.  I am not afraid! I think they communicate better than most humans do. They let you know how they feel, without holding back. They are great. And they are miracles.
Oh man, I love babies.


  1. Glad you didn't steal Caedmon, but anytime you need more baby time let us know!

  2. Who knows about the future, you might need to keep an eye on him while I'm around! You guys let ME know if you ever need more Nick and Katie time!