Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Summa summa summa tiime.
I am not engaged. I feel like everybody else is. What's that about?
Disclaimer: I don't want to be engaged.

I love being home. I love chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' with my mom and sister all day, and we have done some serious chilling. My sweet Mama has taken off work for this week that my sister and I are both home, and we've got three dogs, lots of shopping, cooking, Prison Break, and Gold's gym to keep us busy.  It's been great (although FREEZING, what is this, winter??), and I am really enjoying spending time doing a lot of chill nothing before I get ready to be going a mile a minute in just two short weeks. God's got me in a season of waiting, as usual, but I am so thankful that my life is so joyful and fun while I am waiting. Sometimes I worry that I spend so much time in seasons of waiting that I forget that I'm living in that waiting. Even though I'm not doing a lot of anything, I am appreciating my living. Living is so cool.

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