Monday, July 11, 2011


I wish I could explain everything that I feel about this STP experience as a team leader, but that would be impossible and you would be reading this blog for a really long time. That said, I'll try to give y'all an idea of what my life has been looking like this summer!
I am not a schedule follower.  I used to be a big time list maker, but now I feel like I'd rather just do stuff rather than write it down before doing it.  This summer has turned me into a major league schedule follower. Every week, I need to fit in work, Bible study prep (upwards of 7 hours a week!), 1 to 1's with the three ladies on my team, our team's Bible study, a 1 to 1 with my staff person, team leader Bible study, and many hours of training and meals with the other team leaders. I also have to sleep!  This is the busiest I have ever consistently been in my life, but it has been amazing!  I love how God calls us to be productive and do work for Him, and He has provided me with this wonderful opportunity to do so!  I am exhausted, but it is a sort of exhaustion that is full and glad.  My time with my team and the other folks here is just so rewarding and fulfilling, and it has been truly amazing to see the ways God has answered prayers, given me energy, and brought my team together.  I am so thankful for the women on my team, and for the other team leaders and students here that are such a support and encouragement to me.  My work situation has been really difficult, but God has placed wonderful, encouraging people in my path this summer to help me to see the ways I can rejoice even in my suffering and strife.
I never thought being a team leader would be so hard! But it's a good kind of hard!  I've completely loved spending time with my team, really getting to know these women, and encouraging them in their walks with the Lord.  Actually the hardest thing about the summer has been making myself get time alone to prepare Bible study and have some Kathryn time.  I love all the people here so much that it's hard for me to say "no!" when folks want to go to Sonic for happy hour or forgo a game of Banana grams so that I can be alone to keep my sanity.
We have three weeks left, and I really covet your prayers as my team continues to live life together and grow in our relationships with God and each other.  Some of the girls on my team have had a cool opportunity to potentially hang out with a girl they work with, so I'm praying that would turn into a ministry opportunity for them!  It has been really neat to see them grow in a desire to share the Lord with the people around them. I LOVE IT! Pray for all of us!
Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. I am so blessed!!

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