Saturday, June 25, 2011

A bit late...

Whoops, it's been a while since I've been able to update! Clearly, I've been very busy indeed, and the internet at the Hot Pig (which is what we call Hotel Pigeon Forge) is not necessarily up to par. I've a rough past couple days, so I thought I would list some things that have been encouraging or funny lately.

1. An old man called me "Granny" yesterday as I was leaving Dollywood in an attempt to cheer me up.

2. In my endeavors babysitting for the Hamiltons (some folks on staff with the Navs) I discovered the hard way that changing a baby boy's diaper is a skill and a warzone, and you have to be ready for anything that comes your way. Literally.

3. We had a square dance in a hot gym with little AC, and I was wearing way too many clothes, but I found that if I am sweating in any situation, the boys around me are sweating exponentially more.

4. I have learned that the treasure I have laid up for me with Christ is always going to be more encouraging than however discouraging a mean woman who may or may not work with me at Dollywood can be.

5. My team is so cool. We are women who are learning to love one another and care for and pray for one another. I have found that I can tell them when I am sad or discouraged and I don't have to have it all together because I am their leader. I had a rough day yesterday and I told them about it and they pointed me towards the Scripture.  We have had hard conversations and good conversations and we have laughed so very much, and the Lord is just so at work on our relationships. He is answering prayers on top of prayers that I have for these women and our team, and it is sweet to experience.

6. Another old man at Dollywood told me that I have "beautiful eyes" and that I should always wear my blue dress to match them.  Unfortunately, it is the 21st century, and I will not be wearing my blue dress outside of Dollywood often.

7. My parents are great and have sent me two cards with dogs on them, and various other things. People at the program probably think that I am unstable because I always cry when I receive these in the mail.

8. God has answered some prayers for me, like, INSTANTANEOUSLY. Seriously.

9. The people that I worked with last year really miss me this summer, and have told me multiple times how much they wish I was still working with them at Miss Lillian's (I am at another restaurant in Dollywood this year).  It makes me really sad when they tell me this, and of course I usually cry, but it is really encouraging to know that I was able to impact them and I know it was Christ in me, and not anything that I did, necessarily.  That gives me hope for my work situation this year.

10.  I have discovered a new game, Banana Grams, and I am good at it. And that makes me happy. I love words.

And that is the end!

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